The attention and passion that Liodry Foods devotes to its work as subcontractors is deeply accompanied by an activity of technical consultancy that can be given to almost all food sectors. The consultancy Liodry Foods offers is possible thanks to the support of different professional figures and expertise that can help food companies in the development of a new product, in the replication of the dehydrated and other recipes, or in the optimization and rationalization of existing technologies and production lines. Liodry Foods works with its clients side-by-side with a great sense of ethics and responsibility offering a consultancy service that through problem solving aims at offering appropriate operational solutions: from product shelf-life, to cost cutting, through to improvement of the product's organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
All the above, together with a strong inclination towards innovation, a healthy dose of passion and the desire to work with the client in order to guarantee the highest possible quality and performance of the end product is fundamental in order for the product to leave the laboratory and reach the supermarket shelves.

In a nutshell, with its consultancy service Liodry Foods is able to face present and future challenges that translate into tangible results and that can be summarised in the following main points:

  • replicate products that are already on the market according to the client's production and technological needs;
  • support companies in the research and development of new products to be launched on the market assessing market potential;
  • develop food recipes and products on the basis of the Client's company's pre-existing production technology;

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